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Sheikh Asif – Entrepreneur CEO & Founder Thames Infotech



Sheikh Asif

Sheikh Asif is an EntrepreneurCEO & Founder of Thames Infotech. He is a smart personality, who has got the power of growing with each passing day. He is a professional web designer/ developer, graphics designer, digital marketer & influencer. He has received the best web designer award in 2017,2018 from Three Best RatedUnited Kingdom, a top web developer by Good Firms in 2019 & nominated for the award IIBA 2020 Bangalore India. He frames codes and relate them to the outstanding output. He believes in hard work, self-esteem and one of the most important character is that he believes in change with every moment of technology. He believe in dynamics as the word of designing always remains so. He put all his efforts to get the best results out of his work. He is a CEO & Founder of Thames Infotech but he always place himself at the edge of learning new things. He is a professional web designer/ developer, graphics designer, digital marketer & influencer but the best part about Sheikh Asif is that he always loves to be a learner. Because learning takes him to new levels and gives him a chance to explore the unexplored one. He doesn’t keep his knowledge confined to him only he provides online classes about business, digital marketing and how to develop it and what are actual tips and tricks to succeed in the digital market.

Sheikh Asif supports people with new ideas, small scale businesses, and those who are in need of counseling. Sheikh Asif is always active socially to be the first hand to help someone who needs some guidance in work. He strongly believe that hard work is the key to success. He is a hard-working person that always turns fruitful and he always enjoy the journey of his work. Because he believe one should not only enjoy the goal but the whole journey to reach the goal. Albeit he believe in honesty, honesty towards his work, towards his company, towards his customers and that’s the reason Sheikh started a company with Rs 1000 (INR) and today he is having 3 offices, along with 250+ working team members and planning to expand with more new branches. He believes in himself and that is what keeps him going and growing.

Name: Sheikh Asif

Quote : Dream Big , Word Hard & Achieve it

BY Sheikh Asif

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Ayush Singh– Entrepreneur CEO & Founder of Drewins Tecker




1. Introduction about yourself and the company.

  Hey, I’m Ayush Singh and I’ve been a keen technology lover since I was 7. Currently, I am 18 and I can code, run ads, design and sell stuff. I’ve freelanced for almost 2 years a  Web & App Developer. My interest lies in wide range of fields, I’ve had my head around everything from Philoshopy to cosmology, from politics to Economics and from neuroscience to technology.I’ve started 4 ventures in last 3 years and currently I’m founder and chief executive of DrewinsTecker.

About DrewinsTecker:  

In the last few years, the world has undergone radical changes when it comes to building digital products & marketing it. What took years now takes weeks – but it requires a different approach to get things going. Just Building Software Isn’t the only thing ventures need. DrewinsTecker is here not just to build quality digital products but to help companies onboard their first few customers, understand them and re-integrate feedback. At DrewinsTecker Media, we creatively conjoin content, data & technology & enhance the digital presence of tech companies around the globe.

Both of these ventures have done pretty well, me & my colleagues are pretty sure these are going to scale 10x in next few years.

2.  What made you come up with the startup idea?

I’ve started 4 ventures in last 3 years, here’s a minimal introduction about all of them.

  • AppReady: A SAAS tool to convert your WordPress Website into an Android Application.
  • LinkVink: A premium link tracking SaaS tool, built especially for marketers to optimize their ad-targeting.
  • DealzHub: A website that put together all the best deals from internet at just one place.
  • DomainHush: Hosting & Domain services for web.

I can say, none of these ventures worked out well, all of the money I made was put back into it and I was left without any profit but that wasn’t a problem. One thing I noticed was that ventures need a good brand building and marketing. Without these it’s really tough to reach people and make money. Hence, I with my friends (who’re teenagers too) started our Advertising & Media Agency, where we solve the problem I personally faced. And other than that our digital product agency helps builidng web product and that’s something I’ve been doing from quite long.

3. Where do you stand yourself in the coming years and play a role in the startup ecosystem?

In a few years, our financial goal is to scale upto $100,000/Annum and reach more & more businesses to get them off. In the start-up ecosystem our role as a service based Companies is to help startups get off the ground with solid help from advertising to code. We get companies covered.

4.What problem are you trying to solve?

As, 4 of my ventures failed due to lack of brand building & marketing, I’m pretty sure there are thousands of ventures that have failed without gaining any recognition and that’s exactly what we’re trying to curb.

5. What advice do you wish to give aspiring.

My only advice is to go out and take it all like a game. Because at the end of the day, it’s all just a game and you gotta have fun while playing it. Learn from your mistakes and keep thriving. Also, you don’t need a degree to stuff, learn along the way.

Name: Ayush Singh

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Deepshikha Chaudhary – Entrepreneur CEO & Founder of EASY AFFORD



Deepshikha Chaudhary

•Introduction about Deepshikha Chaudhary and

I am Deepshikha Chaudhary, an entrepreneur, the owner of, an E-commerce website for garments. Additionally, I also conduct a writer’s team and play a mother’s role in nurturing a toddler. I commenced my career in 2013 as an e-commerce site designer and developer, but after my baby’s birth, I had devoted myself entirely to being a writer. Now I have again turned to the designing and developing field, where I have more enthusiasm.

This shopping site EasyAfford accumulates a wide range of attractive lehenga, ethnic dresses, elegant sarees, party wears. Women can expect a beautiful, satisfying shopping atmosphere in EasyAfford. I have endeavored to hustle all the best bridal collections for a wedding.

• What made you come up with a startup idea?

There is an enticing story behind commencing this commercial clothing site EasyAfford. I started designing and developing this commercial garment site for one of my clients. But somehow, the client disagreed to pay me a single penny. Then I contemplated and started thinking to conduct this under my proprietress. Now, this site has come up with an excellent collection of ethnic wear and bridal wear.

•Where do you stand yourself in the coming years and play a role in the startup ecosystem?

Indian ethnic wear is well known worldwide, and people love wearing it and enjoying big fat Indian weddings, so I am definitely planning to expand it. Right now, We are delivering our products all over the globe from our India office only. Still, I indeed have a plan to open an office abroad as well, where it will be more comfortable and convenient for us to deliver products faster to them.

Moreover, hiring candidates for different roles and responsibilities is a must while leading an organization. It is a significant liability to retain the hired employees, explain their duties, and how they can enhance the organization. Along with these, I want my employees’ personal growth as well, so that we can break the myth that 9-5 jobs benefit the employer only, not employees.

•What problem are you trying to solve?

The main intention of EasyAfford is to provide conveniences for wedding shoppers. That is why we come with the collection of particular dresses, rather than keeping daily or casual attire. Searching for wedding wear is a burdensome work for all to manage only bridal wear. Not only brides, but we will also soon add up a hoard of groom’s garments.

•What advice do you wish to give aspiring?

I want to tell every aspiring entrepreneur that it is not always necessary to hustle; however, consistency in work, positive affirmation, and passion is required to be successful. You may face several ups and downs in the interim, but if you have perseverance in your approach, nothing is beyond your reach, nothing is impossible. But a fixed schedule can assist you in fulfilling dreams. The organization should monitor the progression of each employee for the betterment.

Name: Deepshikha Chaudhary

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Govindaraj Kalyanasundaram – Entrepreneur CEO & Founder of Smitiv Mobiles Technologies Pte Ltd



Smitiv Technologies

1. Introduction about yourself and the company

My name is Govindaraj and I am the founder, CEO and principal consultant of Smitiv Mobiles Technologies Pte Ltd (SMITIV). I graduated from PSG College of Technology, which is ranked as one of the best institutions in India. From a young age, I had a strong fascination for technology and how it evolved our daily life. That fascination turned into passion, which saw me devote most of my waking hours into mastering coding. I also understood at an early age that technology alone would not be enough to build a dream. It also needs a strong business sense. So I started to study how successful people built their businesses and turning them into empires. By the time I was 20, I was running my own tech company with 27 employees.

Currently, I am running SMITIV, a company headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Malaysia and India. SMITIV is a technology services startup with 58 employees and is considered as one of the fastest growing technology solution providers for SMEs in South East Asia over the last 3 years. We operate in the core verticals of Remote Team Hiring and Building Bespoke Solutions.  Some of our NOTABLE customers include:

•SISTIC (Singapore)

• University of Melbourne (Australia)

• Aircel (India)

• MobMe Asia (Malaysia), to name a few.

We have also developed and currently maintaining for seed stage and venture-backed startups like:

• Plano- more than 1 million official downloads (venture-backed by billionaire philanthropist Peter Lim)

• Have Halal Will travel- more than 1.5 million unique user base and 1 million MAUs

• Locomole – a national award-winning mobile app

2.  What made you come up with the startup idea? 

CEOs and founders of startup businesses face many challenges. Especially in the technology field. Building products or platforms in countries like Singapore, Australia or even the USA could end up burning money faster than you can ever imagine. And the biggest contributor to this would be human resource cost. As I was formulating the right business model to pair up with my tech foundations, I realized that the price-factor was key. And by building development houses in growing economies like India and Vietnam, I could offer good and quality solutions with a competitive-price edge. That laid the foundations for building SMITIV.

3. Where do you stand yourself in the coming years and play a role in the startup ecosystem?

I have set an objective for SMITIV to be listed in the NYSE over the next 3 years. So I will be putting most of my focus on building my middle layer in the company and also on opening new SMITIV office around the globe. We have already identified growing startup ecosystems around the world and through our international expansion, aim to be amidst the growth of the technology solution providing and technology expertise building in those countries.

4. What problem are you trying to solve?

I believe technology is the key to unlocking future human potential and ability. Because it has helped me become who I am today. Hence I want to ensure that our future generations has the ability to learn, understand and appreciate technology by building tech schools in growing economies. Places where people don’t have the means to afford proper tech education or even own equipment like laptops or smartphones. Our future depends on technology and that will be, in my opinion, a big issue that needs consistent oversight.

5. What advice do you wish to give aspiring entrepreneurs?

First is to always be happy with yourself. Inward reflection and appreciation is very important when it comes to reacting with the craziness that is represented in the “outside” world. Ensure to find happiness in whatever you do and success will find you. Second advice would be to have strong focus. Focus in ensuring you are unwavering in completing what you set out to do for the day. I always write down what I have to do for the day and focus myself into ticking them off one by one. Yes there will be days whereby you can’t complete. But the focus of writing it down and doing it one by one will allow you to achieve optimal output and you see that you will achieve your goals. Last advice is to not be the smartest guy in the room. If you are in a room and you are the smartest guy in it, you ARE in the wrong room. Always surround yourself with people of good caliber and never be threatened by it. Embrace it and see the wonder to conjure.

Name : Govindaraj K
Email :
Contact no : +6593896099
Website :

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