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A B2B SaaS Marketer, Mobile Growth Consultant, Guest Speaker, Podcaster, and Author, I currently lead Product Marketing at Netcore Solutions, a leading marketing technology company. In my current role I help high-growth B2C brands across the USA, Southeast Asia, Africa, and India deliver great customer experiences using a mix of marketing and technology; basically software.

I was featured in the list of “100 Most Innovative Martech Leaders, 2019” by the World Marketing Congress. And, also won the “Brilliance in Innovative Technology” Award at the India Leadership Business Awards, 2019.

My guest articles have been featured in leading i publications such as YourStory and Economic Times. I’ve also spoken at various industry events like The Global Martech Summit, 2019 in Dubai, Digital Marketing Leaders Summit, 2019 in Singapore, and Techsparks, 2018 and 2019 in Bengaluru.

In November, 2019; I started Asia’s first-ever marketing + technology podcast – The Martechno Beat. It now has an audience of 8K+ across 18 countries.

An MBA with a specialization in Marketing from Symbiosis International University in 2015, I have also been a well-documented Youth Leader, Blogger, Columnist, Debater, and Activist. In April, 2013; I was covered as a Youth Opinion Leader by Youth Ki Awaaz.

In April, 2015, I published and released my first book – Add to Cart! – on the B2B and B2C e-commerce industries in India. It has sold 4,000+ copies across Europe and India.

In May, 2015, I co-founded the New Media platform – The Your Voice Project. The platform aimed to bridge the gap between on-ground public opinions and mainstream media stories fueled by the desire to further the democratization of journalism in India.

Content Creator + Musical Journey:

Apart from my professional pursuits, I’m also an Influencer on Instagram with 20K+ followers, having worked with leading men’s fashion and lifestyle brands. I also run a YouTube channel with my wife with over 86K subscribers. We cover couple-related content such as lifestyle, wedding planning, fashion, grooming, and everyday life!

I’m also a musician and rapper. In July, 2020; I wrote, composed, and released my first Hindi rap song video – Nakaab Utaro. The video was shot completely at home during the lockdown. I came up with this to increase awareness about mental health and encourage more people to open up about their troubles. As complex human beings eager to appear happy, content, and satisfied with life at all times; we operate with figurative masks (or nakaabs) on.

We brush our vulnerabilities, insecurities, fears, anxieties, and stresses under the carpet. We pretend that everything is okay in our eternal quest to be project ourselves as normal. But, that’s far from the truth. That’s a hollow and borderline-fake existence that only amplifies our internal battles; taking a toll on our mental health.

“Nakaab Utaro” is my attempt to encourage people to face themselves in the mirror, seek help, and have those real and uncomfortable conversations with those that we trust. That’s the first step towards working on our mental wellness. The video has received 8K+ views and positive feedback from audiences and professional psychiatrists as well.

Name:Pradyut Hande
City: Mumbai
YouTube Channel:

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