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Mr.Kabir Bhasin & Mrs. Aprajita Bhargava Bhasin. – Startup CEO & Founder of East Lifestyle



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  1. Introduction about yourself and the company

East Lifestyle is a premium luxury furniture design and manufacturing company. We have our design studio and workshop, where each product is treated as a work of art. Each piece is handcrafted to perfection by our expert craftsmen. Curated to perfection, each product beautifully threads together the elements of luxury with contemporary and modern classical designs. We take not only residential projects but also institutional projects like hotels, restaurants, offices etc. Our key clientele comes mainly from HNI and UHNI sector.

East Lifestyle is spearheaded by power duoMr.KabirBhasin and his wife Mrs.Aprajita Bhargava Bhasin.

The duo comes with the skill set and keen interest in  furniture design and business management. While, Mr.KabirBhasin, Co-founder of India’s largest furniture rental company- FURLENCO,  also an enthusiast entrepreneur and a well known name in the design fraternity looks after institutional projects and core production unit , his partner Mrs.Aprajita Bhargava Bhasin, an ex- International Radio Jockey, anchor with DD National and a successful media relations activist, looks mainly into residential projects, interior design consultation and public relations for the company.

2.  What made you come up with the startup idea?

Kabir :East was born out of the founders love for furniture design and the lack of a high end solid wood  furniture brand in the Indian market.

While high end brands like Ligneroset ,Poliformetc have indeed established in India, None of the work in the area of solid wood furniture that is traditionally built to last. In most parts of the world , high end furniture is rarely changed at regular intervals and so the furniture purchased by ‘old money’ is generally made to last generations.

Aprajita :At East we strive to create legacy furniture that could be passed down through the generations and hope to create designs that can stand the test of time….and design cycles.

3. Where do you stand yourself in the coming years and play a role in the startup ecosystem?

Kabir :Being one of the only players in the market with very positive growth curve since we established in 2018 , we hope to be a National brand in the coming years. A business like ours is a ‘slow food’ business and needs time to mature unlike most start-ups . We are very conscious of this fact and want to tighten our systems and processes to ensure that growth pains are minimised.

4.What problem are you trying to solve?

Kabir :The lack of High design / made to last furniture in India is one of the key problems we are trying to solve.

Aprajita: With East Lifestyle we aim to offer a luxurious experience to people who wants to add their personality and love for their homes through their furniture. We design as per the client’s likings and requirements to offer unmatched unique design and exceptional quality. We want to fill that gap in the niche area where designer products are out of reach for a major part of the population.

5. What advice do you wish to give aspiringentrepreneurs

Kabir :Find a gap, leverage your domain of expertise (or get a domain expert to buy into your idea) and then prepare to sweat!

Aprajita :Be ready for a tough ride. Don’t expect regular pay checks for a few years, be ready for constant ups and downs, but don’t forget why you began that journey.  That will be your driving force. Being an entrepreneur , you will have tons of  opportunities and equally challenging times and that’s what makes it even more fun.

6. Achievements 

Kabir boasts a degree in management from SPJIMR, Mumbai and he attributes a lot of success at East to his alma mater. In 2011, Kabir sowed the seed of what is now known as “Furlenco”- a furniture rental business that raised 6 million dollars in its first round of VC investments. He has mentored various other start-ups in fields ranging not only furniture but also music, organic cosmetics manufacturing, real estate and many more. He regularly gives guest lectures in various management institutes to potential entrepreneurs.

Aprajita comes from a background of working for over a decade in media, as an International Radio Jockey with AIR  for Europe, Australia and South East Asia for 12 years and as TV Anchor with DD National for 4 years. At the same time, she started her first business which was based on a retail model for B2C in the area of Organic and Natural Lifestyle, this followed by her venturing into manufacturing of her own range of organic cosmetics. Before moving to Bangalore, she sold her organicsstartup business and ventured into interior design and furniture manufacturing.

Name: East Lifestyle
Contact no: 080-4052-4200
Studio Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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