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Keyur Vaghela: From Rajkot to the World Stage – A Dance Journey of Inspiration



In the vibrant world of dance, one name stands out for its sheer brilliance and dedication – Keyur Vaghela. Let’s embark on a captivating journey tracing his path from the streets of Rajkot to the grand stages across the globe.

The Start of a Dream:
Keyur’s dance journey began humbly, fueled by nothing but his passion and a desire to learn. Armed with determination, he turned to YouTube tutorials, soaking in every move and rhythm with an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

Rising to Prominence:
With each step forward, Keyur’s talent blossomed, catching the attention of audiences nationwide. His electrifying performances on popular reality shows like “Dance+3” and “Dance Deewane” earned him praise and admiration, paving the way for greater opportunities.

Conquering Global Stages:
Keyur’s journey transcended borders as he showcased his artistry on international platforms. From Manila, Philippines, to Bangalore, India, he left audiences spellbound with his mesmerizing moves, proving that talent knows no boundaries.

Mentorship and Impact:
Beyond his personal achievements, Keyur’s heart lies in mentoring aspiring dancers. Through his guidance and encouragement, he has nurtured countless talents, empowering them to chase their dreams with confidence and determination.

Balancing Passion with Education:
Despite his skyrocketing success, Keyur remains grounded in his pursuit of education. A mechanical engineering graduate and a current MBA student in the UK, he emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to personal growth.

Creativity and Spirituality:
At the core of Keyur’s performances lies a unique blend of creativity and spirituality. Drawing inspiration from nature and divine forces, he infuses each dance with soulful expression, captivating audiences worldwide.

Legacy of Inspiration:
Keyur’s infectious positivity and unwavering optimism make him a beloved figure in the dance community and beyond. His journey serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, reminding us all to pursue our passions with relentless determination.

As Keyur continues to grace stages with his unmatched talent and inspire countless souls, his legacy as a true icon of dance and mentorship only grows stronger with each performance. Join us in celebrating his extraordinary journey, filled with passion, perseverance, and the boundless pursuit of dreams.

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Irfan Khan Yousafzai Model and fashion Influencer

Irfan Khan YousafzaiModel and fashion Influencer.



Irfan Khan YousafzaiModel and fashion Influencer.

Only a few years back people were following just a single career, most of them leaving their dreams and passion behind just to earn daily bread for their family. But Irfan Khan Yousafzai, A Young 24 years Model and Fashion influencer is one such multi-talented guy who is achieving his dreams and goals in a glam world and is utilizing social media in the best possible way.

Meet Irfan Khan Yousafzai , A young 24 year guy from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
Irfan is a graduate in the field of business studies, but at the same time achieving his Goals in life. Irfan Khan Yousafzai is a model and a Social Media Influencer, who has worked with big fashion brands including amazon and Myntra.

Asked Irfan what makes him try his hands in the field of modelling while he chose business studies ?
He replied ‘I’m doing modelling since a long time back and it’s functioning since very young age’ In recent years I noticed that it is proving to be the best way to follow aspirations of millions of people ,hence I also decided to try my hands in 2015, and slowly it started to work in my favor. Now I’m an official influencer at Myntra studio and except that I worked with hundreds of fashion and beauty brands and I also work as social media influencer and write blogs.

Irfan works really hard to achieve what he wished for, most of time learning new things. He always tries to inspire youths by the fashion and style he carries !

Name :Irfan Khan Yousafzai
Instagram –
Address:Lucknow, India

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Standup Comedian Anmol Garg-Talks About His Standup Journey




How did you get into standup comedy?

I have always played the fool in school and college (I still do!). About 6 years back, I had participated in a standup competition which I won. However, I never took it seriously. About 3 years back, my friend asked me to perform at his 5th year company anniversary celebration. People loved the performance but I thought everyone was laughing because they were high! A year back, I had another friend who asked me to do standup on ‘digital marketing’ at a digital marketing meetup. This was challenging because no one ‘jokes’ about digital marketing. However, I took it up and people were like ‘this was dope’. After that I didn’t look back!

What inspired you to start ‘Business News You Can Misuse’?

‘Business News You Can Misuse’ is my comedy show where I mix weekly business news with

standup comedy! It’s currently being streamed on Hotstar (You can watch it on Youtube also).

While there are many comedians in India doing great work, the genre of ‘business comedy’ still

remains largely untapped. And I am very passionate about entrepreneurship! So I combined my

love for comedy & entrepreneurship into ‘Business News You Can Misuse’. It falls into the

edutainment section – it’s both entertaining and educating! I believe that soon this kind of news

will become mainstream because news elsewhere has become very depressing.

It’s always great when people appreciate your work. Before I did my first episode, I asked many

friends ‘hey, do you think this will work?’. Everyone said that you never know unless you try! So

I did! The first episode itself was an overwhelming success! Currently, I do 2 episodes per week

and I love doing this!

How do you come up with content for standup comedy?

Creating content is not easy! There are times when you sit for 3 hours and you don’t even get 1 line! There are times when you are not even thinking about content and a killer line hits you! I believe writing content for standup comedy is a game of patience & perseverance. Creativity is not a tap where you just open it and it will start flowing! You need to commit your time, think about topics from a different lens & keep writing. The more you write, the better you become. Jokes go through a lot of improvisation. Most importantly, you need to enjoy the process of writing. Every great standup comedian is a great writer first!

When it comes to choosing topics, I always ask myself ‘ok, what do I feel strongly about right now?’ For instance, my kitchen was infested with cockroaches and I hate them. I am actually scared of cockroaches (now, don’t judge me). So that night, I wrote a set on cockroaches and it has come out well! When it comes to choosing topics – don’t go outside, go inside and you’ll see there’s lots to talk about.

Are you nervous when you perform standup?

Whoever says ‘I am not nervous’ while doing standup is lying or he/she isn’t good at it! Nerves are good. They make you human and show your vulnerable side. The audience likes that because they are also like that. The idea is to channelize that nervous energy into something positive. If you are putting pressure on yourself ‘I need to make them laugh at every joke’, then the situation might get the better of you but if you go in there telling yourself ‘Hey, let’s have a good time and laugh along with my lovely audience’, you’ll end up rocking the show. End of the day, it’s all about the mindset. Content can take you from A to C, but the right mindset will take you from C to Z!

What’s your advice to upcoming standup comedians?

1) Don’t think too much – if you keep thinking ‘will this work?’, guess what, it won’t work. Stop thinking and start doing. If you have a nice topic in hand, go ahead and perform at your local open mic. Don’t worry if people don’t laugh. That’s part of the game. You need to be objective about the whole process. Even A+ comedians test their content at small clubs and not everyone laughs at those jokes. But then, that’s the process. You get crucial feedback which you can incorporate before you try it out again. But if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Lot of people want to give a shot at standup comedy, but they are always ‘thinking’ about it. Won’t work!

2) Don’t look for ‘short term success’ – Every comedian wants his/her video to go viral. Well, it doesn’t work that way. It takes time. It takes effort. So if you are in it for the short term, don’t get into standup! This is a form of art which requires many many years to master.

3) Stage time – perform as much as possible! The more stage time you get, the better it is! If you are serious about standup, then you need to perform at least 10 times a week at open mics. The audience is your best judge. You’ll realize what is working and what isn’t. It takes months to put together 5 minutes of A+ content. It takes 9 months for a baby to be delivered. Everything good takes time!

Above all, you have to enjoy the process! If you are not laughing along the way, the audience won’t!

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