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“Hotels are emerging as smart destinations”: Claridges CEO



As the world continues adjusting to the new normal in a post-pandemic world, the hospitality sector is steadily bouncing back. However, what makes the operations different for hotels after the world was struck with Covid-19 is their emergence as smart destinations, says Sanjeev Nanda.

According to Sanjeev Nanda, who serves as the CEO of the prestigious Claridges Group of Hotels in India, the settling in of pandemic fatigue and reopening of the economy is gradually paving way for the hospitality sector to rebound, something that could greatly benefit the segment which has been hit the hardest by the pandemic.

“Several prominent hotel chains are now focusing more on guests looking for quick escapes from the mundane. Restrictions on international as well as domestic air travel has driven many people to search for quick getaways to destinations that are closer to home. Curbs on corporate travel have also had a similar effect,” said Sanjeev Nanda.

He continued, “The changing dynamics of the industry have in turned forced businesses to make a shift in their offerings. Several hotels are now collaborating with other businesses, such as nearby shopping malls or movie theatres, to offer people an opportunity to stay at the hotel as they spend.”

According to Nanda, such exclusively curated staycation packages have been quite ground-breaking in terms of revenue generation. “If we talk about the greatest challenges that the industry faces today, revenue generation stays on the top of the list. Each business needs to generate revenue in order to stay afloat, even if it is generated by attracting customers through discounted prices,” Sanjeev Nanda said.

The Claridges CEO also opined that the hospitality sector is now concentrating more on catering to the needs of short haul, drivable guests who love to explore personal local experiences. It is for the same reason that hotels in India are now emerging as smart destinations.

“People can enjoy imaginative cuisine and personalised service design housed inside pristine spaces, while having a sense of safety from health hazards. The situation, therefore, calls for a reimagination of hotels as safe environs where the guests can stay, relax, and even work if they wish,” said Sanjeev Nanda.

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Master AI in 5 Steps for Free in 2024: A Roadmap to Success



In the dynamic world of technology, mastering Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become more crucial than ever. With exponential growth projected for AI-related professions, there’s no better time than now to embark on this transformative journey. Here’s your guide to mastering AI in 2024, completely free of cost, in just 5 steps.

1. Python Primer: Kickstart your AI journey by mastering Python, the powerhouse programming language. Python’s versatility and extensive library support make it an ideal choice for AI development. Dive into Freecodecamp’s Python for Beginners course, a comprehensive 4-hour tutorial covering Python fundamentals.

2. Harvard’s AI Essentials: Build on your Python skills with Harvard’s Introduction to AI with Python course. Delve into AI theory and practical application, learning essential concepts like graph search algorithms, classification, and optimization. By the end, you’ll have developed AI applications capable of playing games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Minesweeper.

3. Git and GitHub Mastery: Streamline your AI projects with Git and GitHub. Learn version control essentials, collaborate seamlessly with peers, and showcase your work to potential employers. Freecodecamp’s crash course on Git and GitHub provides the perfect introduction to these indispensable tools.

4. Harnessing Large Language Models (LLMs): Enter the realm of Large Language Models (LLMs), the driving force behind AI innovation. Explore Google’s Intro to LLMs course for a beginner-friendly overview, followed by DeepLearning.AI’s Generative AI with LLMs for a deeper dive into transformer architectures and language model training.

5. Fine-Tuning for Success: Elevate your AI expertise with fine-tuning techniques, essential for adapting LLMs to specific tasks and datasets. DeepLearning.AI offers a comprehensive course on fine-tuning LLMs, empowering you to customize models for real-world applications.

Next Steps: After completing these 5 steps, you’ll possess a formidable AI skill set ready for application in various domains. But the learning journey doesn’t end here. Engage in hands-on projects to solidify your knowledge, stay updated with AI trends through reputable publications like KDNuggets and Towards AI, and join vibrant AI communities for networking and collaboration opportunities.

LINKS for all 5 courses:

  1. Python : Python for Beginner’s Course
  2. Harvard: Harvard Free Course
  3. Git & Github Mastery : Git Course
  4. Large Language Models : LLM 
  5. Deep Learning : Deep AI Free Course

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How Anjali Pichai’s Advice Helped Her Husband Earn Over Rs 5 Crore Daily



Meet the Woman Behind Sundar Pichai‘s Success: How Anjali Pichai’s Advice Helped Her Husband Earn Over Rs 5 Crore Daily

When discussing the astronomical success of Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet Inc., it’s impossible to overlook the crucial role played by his wife, Anjali Pichai. While Sundar is a global figurehead in tech, Anjali’s contributions and support have been pivotal to his journey. This article delves into the lesser-known story of Anjali Pichai, whose strategic advice has propelled her husband to become one of the highest-paid CEOs globally, with a staggering daily earning of over Rs 5 crore.

Anjali Pichai: The Silent Force Behind Sundar Pichai’s Meteoric Rise

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, which boasts a market cap of $2.09 trillion, credits much of his success to Anjali. Sundar’s annual salary exceeds Rs 1800 crore, dwarfing the earnings of even India’s wealthiest individuals. Notably, in 2022, his salary package hit Rs 1869 crore, placing his daily earnings above Rs 5 crore. This success story, however, is as much Anjali’s as it is Sundar’s.

The Power of Anjali’s Advice

Anjali’s influence became particularly evident when Sundar faced career-defining decisions. Despite lucrative offers from tech giants like Twitter and Yahoo, Anjali advised him to remain with Google. This advice was crucial, given that Sundar’s tenure has seen Google’s shares surge by over 400%, significantly contributing to the company’s ongoing success amidst the AI boom.

A Journey Rooted in Love and Sacrifice

Anjali and Sundar’s story began in Rajasthan’s Kota, where Anjali pursued a degree in chemical engineering at IIT Kharagpur. It was there that she met Sundar, sparking a relationship that would eventually endure long distances and financial constraints. After graduating, Anjali worked at Accenture and later at Intuit, where she currently serves as a Business Operations Manager.

Overcoming Challenges Together

Their journey wasn’t without challenges. After Sundar moved to the United States, the couple often went months without speaking due to the high cost of long-distance calls. Despite these hurdles, Anjali’s unwavering support and strategic counsel have been instrumental in Sundar’s career.

Sundar Pichai: On the Verge of Becoming a Billionaire

Thanks to Anjali’s guidance, Sundar Pichai is now on the brink of becoming a billionaire, with a net worth approaching $1 billion (Rs 8342 crore). This achievement is particularly remarkable given that very few non-founder tech executives reach such financial heights.

Conclusion: Anjali Pichai – The Unsung Hero

Anjali Pichai’s story is one of quiet strength and impactful advice. Her strategic insights have not only benefited Sundar Pichai but have also played a part in shaping the future of one of the world’s most influential tech companies. As Google continues to soar, Anjali’s contributions remain a testament to the power of partnership and the profound impact of steadfast support.

By exploring the human side of these tech giants, we uncover the true stories behind their successes, providing inspiration and insight for readers worldwide.

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Anil Ambani in Trouble: Hinduja Group Awaits RBI’s Approval for Rs 80 Billion Lifeline to Acquire Reliance Capital



Anil Ambani‘s debt-stricken Reliance Capital is on the cusp of a major transformation as the Hinduja Group’s IndusInd International Holdings Limited (IIHL) awaits the RBI‘s green light for its acquisition bid. With IRDAI‘s approval already in hand, the stage is set for a game-changing deal that could reshape the financial landscape.

Reliance Capital’s buyout offer of Rs 9650 crore from IIHL, secured a few months back, has cleared regulatory hurdles from SEBI, CCI, IRDAI, and RBI, paving the way for the impending transfer of ownership. Now, all eyes are on the RBI’s decision regarding IIHL’s request to pledge 100% shares of Reliance Capital to raise a monumental Rs 8000 crore.

The infusion of funds from this sizable loan is earmarked to settle the debts owed by Anil Ambani’s troubled conglomerate, offering a lifeline to creditors grappling with the aftermath of Reliance Capital’s bankruptcy ordeal. As per reports, the RBI is diligently evaluating IIHL’s proposal, submitted in early May, signaling cautious optimism about the transaction’s potential impact.

In a strategic move to secure the necessary financing, Hinduja Group is reportedly in discussions with three prominent Japanese banks—Mizuho, SMBC, and MUFG. The proposed Rs 8000 crore loan, aimed at closing the deal before the May 27 deadline set by a bankruptcy court, underscores the magnitude of the acquisition bid.

Hinduja Group’s objective is to secure five-year loans at an interest cost ranging between 8-9% annually, signaling confidence in Reliance Capital’s future prospects. Japanese banks are likely to find reassurance in Reliance Capital’s partnership with Nippon Life, with whom it operates a successful life insurance joint venture in India.

As the deadline approaches and negotiations reach a fever pitch, the outcome of this high-stakes transaction could redefine the trajectory of Reliance Capital and the broader financial ecosystem. With billions at stake and the fate of a corporate giant hanging in the balance, the stage is set for a captivating chapter in India’s corporate saga.

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